The 2015 Basel Athens exhibition table new table Vivaldi

Athens table in 2013 launched the "stranger" watch, so that senior watch lovers feel very light fen. It is a greatly a watch, and watch the movement design with music, playing "Strangers in the Night" melody.

Table Vivaldi Athens

music watch Vivaldi

launched second new music watch, equipped with the developed automatic winding mechanical movement, can play the music of Vivaldi (Vivaldi) - Violin Concerto in E major. The famous composer of Baroque music, the most familiar work is the violin concerto - "four seasons", the beautiful melody can be in 99 18K 5N rose gold, "the limited number of watches". The new watch symbolizes the harmonious integration of tradition and technology.

uses the Athens table UN-690 silicon technology movement, the watch is not only easy to operate, but also allows the wearer to recall the good time of childhood, reminiscent of a classical music box. Watch in like a music box, after cutting thin conversion so extraordinary watch. In an hour or when necessary, the wearer can listen to the song of happy and calming Vivaldi melody.

simply press the on / off button at 10 o'clock, you can start or turn off the music device. Click the 8 o'clock position button will instantly play music, to bring joy to the people all pursue the beautiful tone.

another unique aspect of this watch series is the way in which the watch is mounted, as well as the adjustment of time and date. Different from the general watch, just press the button on the top of the table, you can complete the above three kinds of settings, rather than the crown out of tune. This is a great progress of the tabulation process, movement adjustment easier, because every operation is put forward or backward rotation of the crown.

The design of "

" music watch Vivaldi exceptional innovation, fashionable styles. By repeating the circular pattern paved smooth lines, exudes the charm of modern. Rome digital time scale, add leisure characteristics. The inscription on the back of the table is engraved with an original commemorative badge to prove that the watch is the authenticity of the masterpieces of Athens music, and further strengthen the aesthetics of the watch. "Music" music watch is now the first to launch the rose gold style, other colors are equally attractive, will be available in the near future.

Athens table is good at the production of music watches, the famous watchmaking business, has introduced a variety of masterpieces such as: "stranger", "Gen Gi Khan" and "the great emperor of the," the story of the tourbillon Tourbillon table three. With the new members of the music watch, the brand will continue to perform a perfect concert in the form of story telling, functional, sound and aesthetic.

Vivaldi table

Vivaldi) music watch technical data

limit: 99

model: 6902->