The Rolex Explorer II watch senior tutor

Rolex Explorer II watch senior field adventurer mentor! Rolex launched the Explorer II watch designed for adventurers, add practical design in I generation of flash point, the continuation of traditional elements Rolex lose innovation, Ornamental Beauty and elegance in one, let you ride the wilderness.

Rolex Explorer II watch senior field adventure tutor. No matter how advanced the adventurers are, they must be equipped with special equipment to survive in the wild. A fully functional, but strong and durable watch, is an essential equipment for every adventurer. In the early 1970s, Rolex has been keen on adventure industry professionals launched the first Explorer Series watch, when the model is Ref.1655. But compared with the launch of the Rolex Explorer generation and the two generation, performance and configuration are not comparable, because the development of the times, the watch industry is also constantly improving. In 2011 the Swiss watch exhibition, ROLEX launched a new two generation Explorer series, it is The students surpass the teacher. master.


watch design style continues the first explorer, the central pointer designed by elements of orange, table size from 40mm to 42mm, so as to enable the wearer to read more clearly and accurately, and has GMT function, convenient adventurers observation of different local time. The design is complete with all the classic elements of the traditional Rolex, a retro orange GMT pointer is very classic, plain white dial, black edge pointer table circle is clear, firm and practical, and has fine drawing no indentation, strike a deep chord of beauty.

motion elements revealed a gentle atmosphere, two can be said to be a all-match watch. Watch the use of the classic oyster shell, but the biggest feature is the use of orange 24 hours GMT pointer, by the crown control. The clock is still the classic Mercedes Benz icon design, white disk with black pointer, allowing the wearer to read more accurately and clearly.


ring type fixed rotary type, different with the unidirectional rotating bezel ceramic Rolex submariner series, explorer two representative circle made of stainless steel to create quality, more and more hard than ceramic harmony with the watch. In addition, it is equipped with sapphire glass lens, to better protect the dial, greatly enhance the life of the watch.

Explorer two generation and explorer generation have a few different, first, add the GMT function; second, 3 o'clock set up a calendar window display; third, the surface diameter of 42mm, a big mm. But the common ground of the two is sturdy and durable, it is the reliable partner of travel and adventure.

into the triangular pit waterproof watch cover, equipped with 3186 automatic mechanical movement, accurate and stable.

watch strap with the classic three - chain - style watch with the side of the wire drawing fine grinding, but also affixed to the king Rolex fine